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Recently I have been having a lot of thoughts about various and random things and have often felt that I would do well to write about these things in some sense. Selfishly my main aim here is to make sure that I am making sense of the things I am thinking rather than specifically to share these thoughts with any wider community.

At this point I’m not sure if I will share this blog with other people at all, or simply use it as a place to write about random things. This all sounds rather heavy and dull but many of the “thoughts” I have wanted to write about over the last couple of weeks are far from serious.

Today I want to write a little bit about work. Its not surprising, I go to work every day and due to the nature of my job I spend a lot of time thinking (and monitoring) work even outside of “normal” working hours.

To explain, I work in a Support role at a software development company. We ship our products to schools all around the world and as such the support demands are consistent no matter what the hour is. Recently we have employed some new staff in the UK to help accommodate the growing need for fast response times for our UK customers.

This is encouraging and I’m pleased to see it finally happen however it is not without challenges. Whilst we have new staff on board, the role they are fulfilling is complex and demanding. It will take several weeks (months really) before they can become competent and reliable and this effectively means we’re double handling all the work they are doing whilst they learn the right way to do things.

Normally this wouldn’t be a big issue as we’d have plenty of staff back here (Australia) to cover for them and help them learn. However, the reason they’ve been employed is to replace existing staff that have left. As a result, we’ve replaced local engineers with international engineers….the work hasn’t lessened, but the experience pool is greatly diminished. The challenge over the coming months to stay on top of the workload is clear.

On a brighter note, once work was over today I really enjoyed coming home. It was a very cold wintery day today and perfect conditions for relaxing in a nice warm fashion at home. That’s just what I did… I’m really liking our house right now and its interesting to see how much a bit of consumerism and indulgence (we bought a new bed) can make you enjoy your home that much more.

Ok this has turned very diary-ish – that might happen again in future but its not necessarily the plan.


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