London calling…

August 25, 2009 at 6:58 am 2 comments

Its Monday night and I’m already writing a blog post about what we did on the weekend.  Efficient!  Maz and I spent a busy couple of days in London after scoring some bargain tickets due to a sale online.  £3 each way ($6 AUD) which is awesome!

We got up nice and early (that’s 7am for us) on Saturday and headed to the train station for a 1 hour ride into the city.  Once we arrived we navigated The Underground no troubles to arrive at the stop nearest our hotel.   Stepping out onto the street we were greeted with this:

St Pauls

I didn’t realise at the time but the variety of modern buildings scattered about ancient masterpieces turned out to be one of the things I liked most about London.  Using the underground to pop up around various places with London you’re constantly treated with a mix of modern and historic architecture.  It results in a fairly unique feel for an Australian, a relatively young country in comparison!

Once we’d dropped our bags off at the hotel we popped back down to The Underground, heading for Leicester Square in an attempt to locate some nice cheap theatre tickets for the evening.  We seemed to be able to navigate The Underground without many problems but what struck me was the craziness of the stairs, tunnels, escalators and ramps that you walk around when changing lines and locating your train platforms. Here’s a bad example, but I like the photo anyhow:

London Underground

Here’s a photo of Maz in da Undeground:


Once we made it to Leicester Square we were presented with a ridiculous amount of outlets promising cheap theatre tickets but on Maz’s dad’s advice we headed for the centre of the square where the official cheap ticket booth was located.  We’d previously decided that the musical we both wanted to see the most was Wicked however there were no tickets available!  We looked at what was on offer, decided upon Peter Pan and joined the silly long queue:

Ticket Line

Whilst we were in line an elderly gentleman wandered past claiming that he had tickets for sale for a few different musical, including Wicked!  Given how much we wanted to see it we foolishly made a snap decision, asked him where the seats were, and purchased some tickets.  After we had handed over the money we quickly checked the theatre map to figure out where we had to go, and then walked off.

After about 5 minutes we both realised that we may have just made a huge mistake.  We didn’t ask the guy any details about where he got the tickets from, or for any details at all really!  We spent the rest of the day wondering if we were even going to get into the theatre!

After that we took a wander to Trafalgar Square.  Last time we visited there was some restoration and construction work going on but this time everything was looking good!  Amazingly popular with the tourists too.  No surprise but there were people everywhere!


Nelson's Column

From Trafalgar Square we jumped back on The Underground and headed out to Camden Markets.  This was a recommendation from someone we met at Frisbee and it didn’t disappoint.  Crazily busy but really good shopping.  Bit of a hippy vibe but if you ever need a tattoo or a piercing there were plenty of places on offer here!  The shops were pretty decent from the outside as well.  We didn’t get to see all of it but spent a few hours here, got some dodgy KFC for lunch and then headed back into London central.


For some reason The Underground was going a bit nuts in the afternoon.  It was getting really hot and was fairly icky to be honest! Crowded much:

Undeground Crowd

We spent the afternoon on Oxford Street where I spent way too much money and Maz didn’t find anything to buy 😦  That evening we made our way to the Theatre a bit early in an attempt to get there early and avoid the crowds.  We sat down at a restaurant for dinner, realised we didn’t have time, got Subway and headed off to the Theatre.  Once we arrived at where the Theatre was supposed to be we realised that something wasn’t right.  A quick look at our tickets and a check on the ol iPhone and we realised we were in completely the wrong place and the actual theatre was across town!

After a couple of horrifying seconds we got our heads together, found where we needed to go, jumped on a train then into a taxi and made it there in time after 20 minutes of stress!  Luckily we’d gone nice and early in the first place!  We managed to get into the Theatre fine and as expected, the show was excellent 🙂

The next day we decided to check out Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre as it was nice and close to our hotel.  Was a decent tour and an interesting place (even though its not the real one).  It was hard to take good photos in there!

The Globe

After the tour we wandered back into town via the Millennium Bridge (from Harry Potter omg!).   For some reason there were loads of jets flying around:


After that we scooted back into town for some more shopping before heading back to Brighton.  The train ride went really really quickly as seemingly I fell asleep!  As the weather was so awesome that evening we decided to go for a wander around the Marina.  It was quite a trek but it was really mild and sweet to be outside in the evening without being completely frozen!  Going to be tough to go home after living here for a while:

The Marina

Next weekend – Sheffield!


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  • 1. studywiz  |  August 25, 2009 at 9:12 am

    Officially jealous. I’d trade anything to be hot and icky on the London tube right now! Snow and general numbness in Hobart today!

    • 2. Jase  |  August 25, 2009 at 4:33 pm

      Haha – thank you “studywiz”….nice to hear from you…


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