Eastern Regionals

March 16, 2016 at 6:45 pm 5 comments

Last weekend The Wombats attended Eastern Regionals in Canberra. After the tournament I was asked to write a wrap-up for the team’s Facebook page. As I was intending to write a blog post about the tournament anyhow I was happy to oblige.

However, I hope to add a bit of a personal element to the posts on my blog so in addition to the Facebook post here’s some more thoughts from me.

First up, here’s the post from Facebook:

This past weekend The Wombats rolled into Canberra to take part in Eastern Regionals. Being simple minded creatures we had one goal – qualify for Nationals.
Saturday commenced with a leisurely breakfast, a logistical nightmare and some missing Wombats who later turned up wielding coffee (for themselves, not the team). After an informal presentation of our training uniforms we got underway with a warm-up under the watchful eye of our coaching team, Emerson Athletics.
Our first game was the perfect start to the tournament with a comfortable win over Fyshwick University. This put us in a good head space to meet our primary obstacle to the quarter finals, I-Beam. We’d had a competitive match with I-Beam at SMO and were keen to improve. The team’s potential started to come through and we took another win, 15-8. The pool play closed out with another comfortable win over Gunslingers.
After lunch (yes, three games before lunch) we lined up against Fyshwick United. A win in this this game and we were into Nationals. We knew we had a tough opponent between us and our goal. As expected, Fyshwick put up quite a fight. Clinical offense and some intense defense resulted in their taking of half at 8-5. During the game Canberra decided to get angry with a thunderstorm rumbling away on the horizon, clearly heading for the fields. As the wind and rain increased, the Wombat’s performance did likewise. Flashes of lightning prompted players to be called off the field. The Wombats scurried to a nearby burrow having achieved another break and leading 9-8.
The Wombat’s burrow (change room) became a hive of activity as players tried to keep warm and active. Carlos provided some tunes which prompted some odd dancing by Greeny whilst all manner of foam rollers, lacrosse balls and tiger-tails were brought forth for stretchy recovery times. Once the weather had passed we emerged to go through a 20 minute warm up for 5 minutes of remaining game time. We got a break, the siren went, it was game to 11. Fyshwick scored, scored again and we were on universe. A huck from Mike Baker to Carlos with good backup from Alec Deslandes resulted in a win for the Wombats. Goal achieved!
Saturday night was spent at the house of the Emerson Bros. We experienced a feast of meat and carrots. A view of their well-equipped training room/dungeon helped us feel a little guilty about how much food and liquid carbs were being consumed. Thanks for the BBQ boys!
With our Nationals spot secured we relaxed into Sunday for some high-level intense games. First up we met Clench Butt for the second time this season and pushed them a little harder than our game at SMO. We ended up going down 15-13. Our second game was against Colony Pillage. This resulted in a win for us at 13-11 however by this stage we had some fairly tired Wombats and we lost our last game against Colony Plunder 15-9.
Overall a great weekend for the Wombats. Qualifying for Nats was a satisfying result and the progression of the team as they build towards Worlds was encouraging. As we rushed off to get on the road, or get on a plane, we received the news that we had also won spirit which was the icing on a delicious cake.  


As for myself, I spent the weekend on the sidelines. After SMO I had a bit of hamstring pain which I attributed to some collateral damage playing in a tournament. These things happen. However, it didn’t settle down so I eventually went to the physio to get assessed. It turns out I had irritated the joints in the lower part of my spine and was experiencing referred pain down the back of my leg. Whilst this is occurring the leg muscles are more susceptible to tearing whilst under load. As a result, no running for me.

Initially there was a chance that I would have time to recover before Regionals. My physio and I both worked hard to give me the best chance of playing but unfortunately the improvements weren’t enough to get me the all clear on the Friday when I was due to fly.

I spent my weekend helping the team with my voice (yelling from the sidelines) and also taking stats of the team’s performance using UltiAnalytics. Taking stats is quite challenging and requires considerable focus. However across 7 games we were able to collect a lot of data which will be used in future to develop the team.

So I have mixed feelings about the weekend. I was able to spend some quality time with my team, witnessing the continued development. The more time we spend together the more I appreciate the team dynamic, the leadership team and the experience as a whole.

On the other hand I am very disappointed to not have the opportunity to contribute to the team on the field. Our opportunities to play together, and develop as a team, are somewhat limited. Missing out on a tournament is not insignificant.

I also am extremely keen to continue improving myself. I still don’t feel that I’ve shown the team my full potential as a player. I know there are areas where I need to improve and I was looking forward to having an opportunity to demonstrate that I was moving in the right direction.

With that in mind, its time to do some stretching and strengthening…


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The Sydney Melbourne Open Training Camp One

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  • 1. Tim  |  March 16, 2016 at 6:55 pm

    That’s a real pity you weren’t in a position to play, but it’s great you could still contribute so much AND come away with passion for the future… the team is clearly better for having you on board, and it’s obviously good for you as a player too!

    Great stuff Jase, looking forward to future updates.

    • 2. Jase  |  March 16, 2016 at 8:41 pm

      Thanks for the kind words Tim!

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