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Travel Update

Oh I’ve been so quiet I feel bad!  I haven’t recently taken photos off my camera and figured a textual travel update might be too boring!

I don’t have long (falling asleep!) but suffice is to say that we’re still alive and having lots of fun.  Our time in England is drawing to a close which is somewhat sad.  I’m looking forward to having some time off work on the way home and sleeping in our bed again but aside from that I’d be happy to stay over here for significantly longer!  Brighton has been great.

Anyhow – since last post we’ve been to visit Maz’s Uncle an Aunt up in Sheffield.  I quite liked Sheffield and we spent a good long weekend there.  The train ride was nowhere near as bad as we were expecting and actually went quite swiftly.

Last weekend some different relatives came to Brighton for the weekend so we got to stay at home which was a nice change.  We checked out some Brighton sights including the famous Pavilion and a bit of a boat cruise.  We also had diner at a Jamie Oliver Italian Restaurant which was decent.

Aside from all that I’ve managed to get a bit of shopping in and am somewhat concerned about my baggage allowance as a result.  Tonight I went on my first ever rollercoaster (I don’t like rides) on the Brighton Pier which was actually not too bad 🙂  Maz and I sat between some sizable Germans for protection. (Hi Marius!).

We have another week in Brighton and then 2 days more of work before we’re on leave for 1.5 weeks.  We’ll spend a couple of days here, a few days in London (house sitting for Maz’s cousin in the middle of the city…aw yeah!) before heading to Malaysia for a few days.  Last night we booked 3 nights at a tropical resort in Penang along with a single night’s accommodation in Kuala Lumpur.  I forgot to bring my boardies so it looks like I have a bit more shopping to do 🙂

Anyhow – work has been especially exhausting lately so I need some sleep.  Apologies for the lack of pictures…  I feel pretty bad about that actually… 😦


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I know I said we were busy…

Well we’re still flat out!  Tuesday night we rushed off after work to play some Ultimate with the Brighton frisbee community.  Their website was a little misleading so we had to wait around for around 1.5 hours until the games started but aside from that it was awesome.  The people were all really friendly and it was a super casual, but fun, game.

I was reminded of Hobart Ultimate about 2 years ago whereby there was a huge amount of beginners and inexperience coupled with some really good intense players that liked to huck between themselves.    Maz was assigned to one of the four teams and Col and I to another. We all won the games we played in, which means our team is playing Maz’s team in the finals next week!  Regular frisbee bbq to follow – should be sweet.

Last night (Wednesday) we had a work dinner.  We have a lot of staff in the UK who work remotely from the office but this week they are all in Brighton for training.  We went out for Thai and it was really yummy 🙂  Tonight we were going to play virtual golf but it fell through as the place shut at 9pm.

Tomorrow we’re heading off to Southampton for the weekend to spend some time with Stu and Shani, friends I met in NZ.  The train tickets were pretty expensive at $80 but we made up for it with return tickets to London for the weekend after for $24!  Super cheap!

We’re now trying to figure out the best way to get to Sheffield on the long weekend to see some of Maz’s family. The train tickets are quite expensive and its cheaper to hire a car… but its a 4 hour drive!  Not sure what to do ..

Anyhow – should be some new pics in place after our weekend in Southampton.

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Feeling rather English…

After a busy few days and work Maz and I are now half way through our first weekend in Brighton. Its been great so far!  After introducing our UK office to the concept of Friday afternoon beers we then headed down to Brighton beach for some fish’n’chips.  Maz also got a side order of Mushy Peas to fully Englishify the experience.  It was a beautiful summer sunset on the beach and a perfect evening to wander around for a while before heading home.

On our way home we attempted to pick up some beers to sample with our dinner but unfortunately we couldn’t find any that were cold to buy!  Whilst they sell alcohol in the supermarket, its just on the shelf not in the fridge!  We couldn’t find a bottle-o around here either so we ended up lining some brews in the fridge to try the next day!

On Saturday (today) we ventured out of Brighton for about an hour on the train.  Our destination was the village of Arundel which has an awesome castle!  Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take any photos inside but we got plenty of snaps outside.  It was sweet to wander around the village/town and it was once again beautiful weather.

Tomorrow we’re planning on spending the day in Brighton.  Our next few weekends are already booked up so it will be good to just spend some time in the city we’re living in.  We have a few memorable shops that we visited last time we were here that we’re keen to visit again so overall it should be a fairly relaxing day.

Anyhow – I’ve uploaded some photos to facebook of what we’ve been up to so far.  You can see the album here:

Facebook Brighton Album

These photos will all make it onto Picasa at some stage but for now this was the easiest way to share them!

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Busy in Brighton…

Well here we are in Brighton!  Maz and I arrived here very early Tuesday morning (5:00AM!) and have been busy ever since!

We started off by jetting from Hobart to Melbourne.  We had a few hours to kill there before getting on our first major flight to Kuala Lumpur.  This was a 7 hour flight which was pretty uneventful.  By the time we landed we were both really tired but had managed to stay awake in an attempt to make sure we slept on our next flight.

Despite our tiredness we were very happy to be off the plane and walking around.  We were also quite impressed with the KL airport.  We definitely felt like we were in an established Asian city and we both felt like we really wanted to stay there for a while to explore!  Luckily we have more than a 2 hour stopover on the way home.

Singapore Airport

After some confusion with timezones and my watch we realised we had about 2.5 hours in KL however we were too tired to really do anything.  I started feeling quite sick and was desperate to get on the flight so I could get some sleep.  Eventually we got onto our next plane for a 13 hour flight across to London.  Turns out I was quite sick so didn’t really enjoy the first hour or so of the flight but once I got over that we both fell asleep and stayed that way (well, as well as you can stay asleep whilst sitting up on a plane) for about 8 hours.

Once we landed at Heathrow we decided that we’d head into London city and catch some sites before heading to Brighton.  It was 8:00am in the morning after all.  We both felt pretty jetlagged but the opportunity was too good to miss.  Unfortunately we soon discovered that it would cost a fortune to store our bags somewhere so we couldn’t really do a lot. We did manage to cruise around between some train stations a bit before heading to Brighton.




Once we arrived Brighton we made our way to our apartment.  Its quite small but surprisingly nice and has everything we need.  Minor drawback is that our bathroom doesn’t have a shower, but just a bath with an extendy nozzle type thing.  Its not ideal but does the job – I’d hate to have to use it in winter though!

Balcony View


Thus far the weather has been beautifully warm and Brighton itself is more than charming.  Its quite an experience living and working in such a different place.  My biggest issue seems to be that my brain is caught between work mode and holiday mode.  Everything I do each day makes my brain think that I should be on holidays.  I’m catching public transport, I’m trying to decide what tourist related things we can do in our spare time and it feels like lovely summer every day!  Unfortunately the reality is that I have to work daily and there’s still as much pressure as ever in that reagard.  In fact, there’s probably more pressure as I know my time here is limited and precious for the guys I am here to train.

I need to find a healthy balance so I can get my work done appropriately, and relax and chillout in holiday fashion at the same time!  I’m hoping a couple more days (and the upcoming weekend!) should get me there no worries!

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